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Any additional features can be discussed during the design stage of your garden room and will be at an additional cost.


You might want to open up your room to connect it to your garden. Bifold doors are a great solution to this and they will also let a huge amount of daylight in. These can be built into the design of your garden room, so it’s something to think about during the design stage. Another popular choice is to have full height fixed windows which give a greater feeling of space and a better view of the garden!


 If your garden room is used as an art studio or a therapy room, you will need some bespoke lighting. We will provide recessed ceiling lights as standard, and any extra lighting can be supplied. This includes remote controlled or colour changing lights.


Drumbeat work with various bathroom and kitchen suppliers and can install almost any equipment depending on your requirements.


Whether it is underfloor heating, convector heaters or a basic air conditioning unit; we can prepare and install whatever you need. After the initial site survey, we can help advise which heating and cooling systems will be most beneficial for you. The insulation provided as standard will give great protection to the outside elements.


Drumbeat are able to connect your garden room so that there is fresh running water as well as waste removal for sinks and toilets. This will be examined at the initial site survey and both may require Build Control approval.


We can recommend a number of security alarm systems which would work for your garden room if you feel necessary. But please be assured that your garden room will be secure if the door and windows are kept locked.


As well as having a beautiful interior, enjoying your garden room from the outside is sometimes just as important. We can design and install outside decking areas for you to relax on. The roof of your garden room can be extended too, so that there is a canopy.


The standard roof to your garden room is flat, so with some extra work it’s possible to transform it into a living roof, often called a Sedum roof. This may be great if you or your neighbours are worried about the look of the roof from above.


If your garden room is going to be used for music practise, you may want to consider different internal materials for better soundproofing.


Staying connected is important for everyone, but especially if your garden room will be used as an office. While our expertise isn’t in internet connection, we are happy to build around a system you have found yourselves.


We work with other landscaping contractors who can re-furbish your entire garden at the same time as our construction work.

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