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We are a family business with 30 years’ experience of delivering high quality projects on time and on budget. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and motivated carpenters and builders. We prepare everything in our own workshop and use our own team throughout the whole design and installation process. All members of the team are trained to give a high level of customer service.

Our aim is to offer you a top-quality garden room for you to enjoy.


Garden Rooms by Drumbeat is committed to being a respected supplier of premium Garden Buildings through a commitment to customer service, quality of product, and exceeding expectations.

We will consistently deliver outstanding customer service through our dedication to:

We state that our staff are our most important asset. We will promote a culture of:

Value Statement

Our values underline our corporate culture

Trust: To act responsibly towards customers, suppliers, staff, authorities, and the environment.

Integrity: To be honest and open with ourselves and with others.

Attitude: To be positive, friendly, fair and respectful.

Reliability: To make realistic promises and deliver expectations.

Consistency: To provide excellent products and services.

Health and Safety: To work within a culture of best practice and to positively embrace safe working practices on an everyday basis.

Environmental: To be aware of our environmental impact, to reduce waste, and to re-cycle and re-use where possible.

Dedication: To continually improve our products, service and systems.



Prompt response to all enquiries


Friendly and personal service


Experienced and reliable business and staff


Fresh, new, and contemporary ideas and designs


We provide free initial design concepts and drawings


Proven track record over 30 years


All construction and design undertaken in-house


 Once you have decided on your garden room, we will prepare a simple order contract for you to approve. Our payment terms are 25% payable with the order, 50% payable on start of work and 25% payable at the completion of work. Garden Rooms by Drumbeat will automatically enrol all clients into a deposit protection scheme with HIP Insure. This means that your deposit is protected right up to the completion of work.

Cancellation Policy – We understand that circumstances change and we will always try to be as flexible as possible around start dates. In the unlikely event that you do need to cancel your Garden Room project after paying your deposit, we have a policy in place.  If you cancel your order within 4 weeks of the proposed start date, 80% of your deposit is refundable. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the proposed start date, 40% of your deposit is refundable.  If it’s 1 week, 20% of your deposit if refundable and if you change your mind on the day, none of your deposit is refundable.

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Premium Bespoke Garden Rooms in Surrey & Hampshire.
Any size, any shape.

Local company with experienced, professional team.
10 year guarantee.


FIRSTLY. In most cases the answer is no but it will depend on size, height and use.
You can build many structures, including a Garden Room under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ . This means that would not have to apply for planning permission. However there are some limitations: If you are closer than 2M to your boundary your building must be under 2.5M from the highest point of the adjoining land, and must not cover more than half of the garden space. This is the most common scenario. However, if you can build more than 2M from the boundary then you are allowed to build up to 4M apex height for a dual pitched roof, or up to 3M for a single pitched roof, but in both cases the eaves height must not exceed 2.5M. Any building should not be used for overnight accommodation. This is a VERY simplified version of the rules and please check out the full descriptions at:
If your ideas fall outside of these conditions (eg you want to build higher than 2.5M) then you can still apply for planning permission in the normal way.

SECONDLY. Notwithstanding Planning Permission, you will still need to consider Building Regulations. The main concerns here are as follows:
A Garden Room up to 15M2 does not need to comply with Building Regulations, and can be built close to the boundary on all sides.
A Garden Room 15 – 30M2 (internal size) should be built at least 1 meter awayfrom the boundary on all sides OR must have non-combustible materials on the adjoining walls. In practice, it is reasonably easy, but a little more expensive to comply with this.
A Garden Room over 30M2 (internal size) will come under building control, and must be notified and checked by the local authority.
More information can be found on the Planning Portal website above: look at the left-hand menu about Building control.

It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure that Planning Regulations and Building Regulations are followed.

Normally construction on site will take between 10 and 15 working days, but it will depend on the final finishing. Everything is pre-prepared in our own workshop to minimise time and disruption on site. The lead time to the commencement of work will be discussed at the design and consultation stage.

This is governed by Building Regulations.

You can build right up to the border of your property if your garden room is maximum 15M2 in size and maximum 2.5m in height.
If your garden room is between 15M2 and 30M2 internal size and maximum 2.5m in height, you will need to keep 1m away from the border of your property on all sides, OR the adjoining walls should be made from non-combustible material. This is easily achieved.

If your garden room is bigger than 30M2 internal size then you will always need to apply for building regulations, and this may affect how close to the boundary you can build.

Yes. A power supply can be run from your house to the garden room, either above ground or in a shallow trench depending on the site survey. If you require a bathroom with water and drainage, this can easily be arranged (depending on the site survey) but may require building regulations.

Your garden room is very well insulated with 150mm thick panels and is designed to be used in winter and in summer. You will have a choice of heating options and air conditioning for the summer if required.

Our Garden rooms are built to be a long-term structure, designed to last for at least 25 years with very little maintenance.

FOUNDATIONS will be either ground screws, concrete pads, or a full concrete base depending on your garden and soil type.

FLOOR STRUCTURE will be a timber joist frame with insulation and a plywood flooring.

WALLS & INSULATION will be made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) which offer a very high degree of insulation and structural integrity.

ROOF will be covered with a synthetic rubber membrane which makes the building fully waterproof. It carries a manufacturer’s 25-year guarantee, but in reality, is expected to last for 75 years.

INTERNAL WALLS will normally be plasterboard.

EXTERNAL CLADDING will normally be composite cladding in your choice of colour. This requires no maintenance and will keep it’s origonal colour for years.

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