Garden Rooms in Surrey & Hampshire


This is a good size room which would be perfect to use as a home office, a games room or a home gym.

For some inspiration, we have a selection of Classic garden room designs to choose from. Everything is made to order so we can tailor the size to fit your space, and as always, the choice of everything from exterior cladding, to flooring and light fittings is yours.

Typically, this Classic garden room would cost between £23,000 and £30,000 depending on overall size.


This is a much larger room, which is split into different sections for Multi-Use. This could be for a music studio, garden storage and an office. Or a guest bedroom with a bathroom and separate sitting room. Although we do have some pre-designed Multi-Use layouts you can choose from, each room is individually designed so you can be assured that it will meet your requirements.

Typically, the cost for this Multi-Use garden room would cost between £27,000 and £38,000 depending on overall size.


This is a bigger space, where Garden Rooms by Drumbeat can work with your concept to make your dream outdoor room become a reality. You might want a covered seating area, a pitched roof, a curved entrance or some more intricate design features.

Typically, an Inspired garden room would start from £30,000.

All designs are bespoke and costs will be dependent on the site survey, the size and layout of your room, the build features you choose and any additional features you decide on.